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KRACK: Emphasizing the Importance of Security Patching Policies

What is KRACK Recently, researchers were able to create working proof-of-concept code allowing for exploitation of some of the strongest wireless security currently in existence. Previously thought only as theoretical, the attack, code-named KRACK, exploits flaws in the WPA2 protocol’s cryptographic implementation. While the research notes that Android is the most vulnerable operating system, it

Secure Code Review

Secure Code Review: How Secure is Your Code?

How Secure Is Your Code? For many companies who develop software, throughput is always a critical metric. Directors, managers, and project leads constantly focus on the speed at which they are moving forward. Truth be told, they have to maintain this focus. If new code and applications are not being released on a regular basis,

Equifax Data Breach: Was the zero day to blame?

Was the zero day to blame at Equifax? What an executive needs to know about the Equifax data breach We have all read the headlines; Equifax was breached and your social security number, birthday, name, and a litany of other information is likely for sale to the highest bidder. Amidst the maelstrom of their confused

Elastic Stack for Log and Data Analysis and Analytics

Short on time? Click here to jump to our Elastic Stack Use Case and Business Example! The Challenge Many organizations strive to find affordable methods to manage, maintain, and audit their IT logs. From firewalls, to servers, to applications, and more, the variety of log sources and types is nearly endless. Equally endless are the

Ransomware Attacks, Your Data is Gone… Or is it?

The All Too Real Situation You are working late trying to finish that special project, suddenly your computer starts running slow and programs start to crash. You have been hit with ransomware and it is actively encrypting all of your data. Locking it down and locking you out. You quickly attempt to back up your special

Top Tech Company of the Year Nomination

This year DataPrivia was nominated for and has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious “Top Tech Company of the Year” award by Region 2000.  DataPrivia is a Cybersecurity and Information Technology company that excels in solving security and technology issues. While cybersecurity is DataPrivia’s core competency, we know from experience that security and

Is Your Electronic Customer Data Protected?

As more information continues to become available regarding the recent data breach of the hospital networks of the University of California, Los Angeles, one IT truth rings out loud and clear. Monitoring your network is simply not enough anymore, you must take active, meaningful strides to segment your network and encrypt your data. Ultimately, at

Don’t Be Next On The List

With the confirmation of yet another credit card data breach, it is becoming increasingly imperative that companies take immediate action to secure their networks and systems which process credit cards, including all point of sale (POS) devices. The latest victim of data breach is Hershey Park, who has confirmed that malicious software had been unknowingly

Press Release: Cybersecurity Experts Call for the End of Simple Signature-Based Security

FedScoop recently released an article, in which, cybersecurity experts discussed the importance of moving away from simple signature-based security and endpoint protection. This type of security is reactionary at best and actually misses more malware than it detects.  It can only identify and stop attacks that are known, which only accounts for a small number

DataPrivia Further Develops Partnership with Sophos

DataPrivia recently attended the Sophos Partner Conference in Las Vegas in April 2015. As an information security provider we take our vendor partner relationships seriously. Sophos never disappoints. Once again they have achieved the highest marks with Gartner and Forester but what we think is more important than that, they swept the CRN Annual Report Card